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Winter Wrestling

Community Ed. Season

Visit STMA Community Education for registration for Part I and Part II sessions of the 2022-2023 season! Click HERE to access their website.

Fall & Spring Training

Freestyle, Greco and Fall training is being offered through Grynd Wrestling and Founder/Coach, 2008 Olympian, Jake Deitchler. HERE is the link for registration.


Fall 'Preseason' Training: Check back in for information on Grynd Wrestling fall programming for 2022.

Winter 'The Season' Training: Programming runs in two parts (brief description below) from November through March. Registration through STMA Community Education

Part I 'Introduction' Format: November-December; Kindergarten practices Monday nights (6:30-7:30pm), 1st & 2nd grade practices Tuesday nights (6:30-7:30pm), 3rd - 6th grade practice Tuesday and Thursday nights (6:30-7:45pm). Practice help athletes learn the sport, sharpen basic skills, and develop athleticism.

Part II 'Competitive' Format: January - March; K-6th grade practice Tuesday and Thursday nights 6:30-8:00pm). Practices are geared towards those competing in local, regional, state, and national events. Technique and intensity build from part I.

Spring 'Postseason' Training: Freestyle & Greco Programming has been offered through Grynd Wrestling

Summer Training: Currently, there are no K-6 offerings through STMA. Check back for Grynd Wrestling day or multi-day camps. In addition, there are other camps around the area or hosted by STMA alumni such as Thorn Camps.

Individual Tournaments

These are tournaments that are hosted around the state and nation. Some tournaments are considered 'open' meaning, any wrestler is welcome to attend. Typically, wrestlers simply show up for weigh-ins, the tournament organizers group kids together, by weight and age, in groups of 3-5. They compete against the other individuals in the bracket. Placings (& trophies!!!) are determined by results in the bracket. NYWA & MN/USA are the two major organizations. Open tournaments are generally hosted by local high schools. Some individual tournaments are qualifier tournaments. These qualify individuals for other regional and state level competition at either MN/USA or NYWA.

STMA hosts the STMA Open on the first Sunday of December, this is one of the FREE tournaments for youth participants.

Team Tournaments

There are 2 different types of team 'dual' tournaments. There are K-3 tournaments and K-6 tournaments. These tournaments are organized by local area high schools and youth programs. Essentially, they line up 10-15 wrestlers, by weight classes, against another school's 10-15 wrestlers. Each match scores towards a total team score. The team with the higher score at the end of all the weight classes, wins!

This is a great way to meet other parents and athletes, as well as build connections within the sport. As you can see through various pictures on the website, the kids often have a lot of fun!

Parents and Youth Coaches help to organize the teams. If interested in being a part of one of the teams, reach out to one of the youth coaches at practice to get more information.


We have 2 volunteer opportunities that we ask families to sign-up for a time slot and help out. These opportunities help to offset costs for the dual and some of the individual tournaments.

The first is for the STMA open the first weekend of December.

The second is for The BRAWL. The world's largest, town team, youth wrestling tournament. This is towards the end of January.

Both will have more information coming around at practices, through emails, and on social media.

The Guillotine

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MN/USA Wrestling Event Calendar

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